new construction

Sky Hotels can assist in the construction of a new project. Regardless of the stage your build is at, we can step in and make sure the project is optimized to meet important milestones.

Construction Consulting

We offer consulting during the development and construction phase. If you have plans, great, we can interpret the plans and put together the best strategy to keep the build within project budgets. If you don’t have plans, we can help create those and get the details worked out.

Construction Services

The Sky Hotels construction crew are capable of bringing to life your vision, no matter the size. Our crew is certified, trained, and has decades of experience in the commercial construction industry. We value engineer all of our projects, maximizing​ your investment.

Construction and Hotel Specialists, all in one.

We’ve partnered with Innovative Construction & Electric, a leading contractor in the Central Valley and Northern California. Innovative shares the same vision as Sky Hotels, delivering a sustainable, modern and value engineered property for optimal returns.

Our Construction Partner

Innovative Construction has helped Sky hotels facilitate new construction, re-development and design of hotels across California.

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There are a lot of aspects to building and managing a successful property. We can help with these hard choices. Get in touch with us today to learn how we can help your property thrive.